Pronunciation: TEZ-lah-mon

Name origin: Tesla, SI unit for magnetic field strength.

Family: Deep Savers

Type: Electromagnetic

Stage: Ultimate

Attribute: Data

Height: 7'6"


Teslamon is loud, talkative and spunky; she has a tendency to say whatever's on her mind at any given time, which can often get her in trouble with those around her. Despite this she's a lot of fun to be around, and loves being around other people; she can't stand being out of the spotlight.

It's a shame that beneath her fun and bubbly exterior lies a devious and manipulative mind. She's an adept liar and is good at playing with people's emotions; tapping into their weaknesses, mistakes and fears to get what she wants. Even when she isn't planning her next move, she's constantly ripping into those around her with a snarky attitude laced with malice.



Teslamon's entire body course with an electromagnetic power, so much so that she occasionally has to expel it through her eyes or the magnet on her head. Her powers allow her to read the composition of anything she touches, as well as pick up disturbances in her field from a distance, much like a real shark. While very adept with her powers, her athleticism and strength make her no slouch at hand-to-hand combat.