Pronunciation: STRAAH-bih-mon

Name origin: Stravismos, Greek, meaning to squint.

Family: Nature Spirits

Type: Demon Man

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Free

Height: 4'8"


Strabimon's been living in the war-torn Digital World for as long as she can remember. Over the years she's been shaped into a tough and brutal ice queen, but beneath her cold and blunt exterior is a fiercely protective guardian who cares for everybody in her little pack.

While she's strong enough to hold her own in battle, she prefers not to get into trouble and is not one for taking risks. Despite everything though, she can be quite friendly to those who she trusts, and even has a rather brash sense of humour.



A Demon Man Digimon that takes the form of a Lobomon that lost power. She has inherited the power of the ten warriors of legend but it is too much strength for her to have.

This Digimon is part of the official Digimon franchise. Profile information from DMA