Pronunciation: TERR-ah-mon

Name origin: Pteranodon, prehistoric flying reptile.

Family: Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians

Type: Pterosaur

Stage: Champion

Attribute: Data

Height: 7'6"


Pteramon is a loner; staying away from others as much as he can. This is partly out of fear due to the Red Beast slaughtering his kind, and partly out of worry of his own actions. He has a noble heart and will help all those he's indebted to as best as he can, but the fear and anger from his past can make him snap at crucial moments; when this happens, his judgement fails and he makes mistakes.



He is able to bomb the opponent down without showing himself by perceiving the enemy from the sky, at an altitude of 10,000 degrees, making him the only known winged Digimon that can fly the highest. He is nicknamed "The Blue Bomber".

This Digimon is part of the official Digimon franchise. Profile information from DMA