Pronunciation: PLAH-koh-mon

Name origin: Placodermi, a now-extinct class of armoured fish.

Family: Deep Savers

Type: Fish

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 3'7"


Despite her often tough and hardened exterior, Placomon is a rough-and-tumble fun loving little land fish, and she's actually very easy to make friends with. She can be a little brutal sometimes in her words and her sense of humour, but she cares about those around her and likes to see them smile.

She's a fan of the 'tough love' school of teaching, generally helping others to beat their problems by 'kicking the crap out of them until they cheer up', as Perimon puts it. Surprisingly this tends to work quite well; she's nowhere near as cold as Velocimon and will strive to help everyone she possibly can.



Despite the great strength in her arms, Placomon is very ungainly on land, often slowed to an ungraceful waddle. In times of need she can put on surprising speed, and she is a master of physical combat, using her tail to propel her around her enemies like a pinball. In the water she is both graceful and deadly, tucking in her arms to increase her speed and impact force.