Pronunciation: PIE-kah-mon

Name origin: Pika, a mountain-dwelling rodent.

Family: Jungle Troopers

Type: Rodent

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 3'3"


Pikamon lives life to the full and enjoys every minute of it. Excitable and energetic, he is often found bounding through the treetops. Even when the situation requires him to focus, he is still likely to crack a joke or two.

He gets on well with Velocimon, having fought as comrades during the assault on Surtremon. As such he frequently looks out for his friend and will step in at exactly the right time, whether Velocimon wants him to or not.



Pikamon holds all his power in his handgun, and he can change the ammunition it fires at a thought. His body is lithe and athletic, allowing him to scale trees and rocks with ease. His armour is formed of wood so hard that it's actually flameproof, to a certain extent.