Pronunciation: FOO-kah-mon

Name origin: Phouka or pca, Irish shapeshifting spirit.

Family: Nature Spirits

Type: Guide

Stage: Champion

Attribute: Data

Height: 4'1"


Phoukamon is elusive, mischievous and really quite cowardly, but there's more to them than initially meets the eye. They have a knack for finding lost souls and leading them in the right direction, even if they can get on the lost soul's nerves to no end. This is due to them being unbelievably talkative, and not in the regular way; this little spirit can go through whole conversations by themselves, changing the subject at the drop of a hat.

Phoukamon is surprisingly smart yet highly cryptic, and there is much debate about what they actually are, or if they're even just one creature. They may be tricksy, they may be annoying, and they may even be powerful, but when it comes down to the wire, they may just be able to help.



Phoukamon appears to have spatial warping powers, allowing them to appear, disappear and defy gravity and physics at will. They have a strange manner of speaking and behaving that seems to suggest they hold more than one consciousness in their head. Either that or they're just cuckoo.