Pronunciation: OH-bell-ee-mon

Name origin: Obelisk, an ancient monument characterised by its tall, four-sided shape, often set up as a monument.

Family: Unknown

Type: Unclassified

Stage: Unknown

Attribute: Unknown

Height: 187'0" (Varies between individuals)


A little-known legend in the Digital World, Obelimon are vast, living monuments whose purpose is ambiguous. Normally dormant, nobody has seen them move for hundreds of years, and only a select few Digimon are even aware of their existence, or of the link they possess to the source of the Digital World itself...


Obelimon is so ancient there are doubts as to whether it's a true Digimon. Their numbers are few, and each one is different. The one present in Grid Central City uses electromagnetic power stored in its vast reservoirs to levitate its vast form off the ground, and can move around on gigantic discs below its foundations, should it feel threatened.