Pronunciation: MAHT-yacks-mon

Name origin: Martyaxwar, original Persian name for manticore.

Family: Nature Spirits

Type: Demon Beast

Stage: Mega

Attribute: Data

Height: 6'3"


Martyaxmon is basically Surtremon’s personal scout. His strength and speed allow him to traverse great distances, and he can observe anything without being noticed. Martyaxmon is calm and calculating, waiting for the perfect moment before finally making his move. He is a master of observation; he’ll actually get in close to his opponents and study them, and find their greatest weaknesses and pressure points that he can use to take them down later.

He takes his duties as a Commander seriously, leading armies of Fire Digimon on attacks and overseeing the destruction in a strict, no-nonsense manner, much like a teacher. He prefers not to attack himself, since he believes in saving his energy for important battles. When he does battle however he remains very calculating; observing his opponent's actions and figuring out the best method to dispatch them. Despite his great power he rarely underestimates his opponents, aware that that's where he's made mistakes in the past.

He is incredibly loyal to Surtremon, but can be very condescending towards the other Commanders, finding Cephalomon to be crude and undignified and getting constantly annoyed by Rinkhalmon’s laid-back attitude. He has a very high view of himself and keeps a regal and faux-polite demeanour even in the heat of battle.



Martyaxmon's rosary constantly orbits around his midriff, levitated by a subconscious telekinesis from the bead on his forehead. Each bead has a surprising amount of psychic power, and Martyaxmon can use them as a weapon, shield or even a long-range communication channel. He has three sets of teeth, one behind the other.