Pronunciation: MAN-dreh-mon

Name origin: Mandrill, an old-world monkey with a colourful face.

Family: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers

Type: Primate

Stage: Champion

Attribute: Virus

Height: 5'10"


Mandrimon is a sadist; both by necessity and by will. By using mysterious powers and a great athleticism, he torments his victims, feeding on their fear to power up his Soul-fire orbs. He loves every minute of it, always finding new ways to eat away at his opponents, but he has a quick temper and is liable to snap when things don't go his way.



The bands around Mandrimon's body channel his psychic abilities and create the purple fire that makes up the majority of his attacks. Being sneaky in nature, he has excellent gymnastic abilities and night vision, allowing him to track and sneak up on his victims with ease.