Pronunciation: LAH-trow-dite-mon

Name origin: Latrodectus (genus of widow spiders), Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love)

Family: Deep Savers

Type: Sea Beast

Stage: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Height: 12'11"


If one were to stand for long enough around Latroditmon without running away, they might be surprised to find she's actually rather pleasant and, to be frank, a bit of an airhead. She has a polite demeanour and displays a cutesy 'princessy' attitude, although she's also rather vain and takes great pride in her appearance.

It's all an act, of course. Latroditmon is incredibly self-centred and uses her 'charms', mental prowess and powerful hypnotic abilities to toy with those around her, be they ally or enemy. She can use her monstrous body to great effect and is a highly skilled fighter, but she is always aware of the unpredictability of battle, and the possibility of failure. As such she picks her battles wisely and treats every confrontation with the utmost seriousness.



Latroditmon's origins are unknown; she first appread from deep beneath the sea and began to cause havoc. Her chimerical body allows her many different abilities, such as enhanced strength, agility and an immunity to external poisons. Her battle style revolves around deception and always keeping her opponent guessing.