Full Name: Kent Carter-Evans

Age: 17

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 6'2"

D-Nexus: Green and Copper

Partner: Trilomon

Element: Earth


Kent is the oldest and most mature member of the group; the type to plan first and take action later. Being the oldest, he feels he should be responsible over everyone else in the group and tries his best to help them and put forward ideas. Despite this, he rarely interacts very much with the others (with the exception of Trilomon), lacking the confidence for small talk and unwilling to share his problems. As such he never assumes the role of leader, feeling he doesn't understand others well enough.

Kent is incredibly clever and calculating. He avoids tackling a problem head on, preferring instead to observe and try and think of another solution. This makes him a good tactician and he is the person the group goes to for the voice of reason. However his often cold logic and opinionated nature sometimes make him a difficult person to like, and if something doesn't go the way he plans it, he can find it very difficult to deal with.

He carries his laptop everywhere and is not averse to delving for deeper knowledge when he needs to. He is also a quick thinker and has often used his intuition and computer expertise to save the group from a tricky situation. He has a tendency to get very wrapped up in the workings of the Digital World, and it is the one place where he'll happily explore and try out his new ideas. In a world made entirely of data, this can turn out to be a very dangerous game, but Kent is always willing to bite the bullet and take the extra step forward.


  • - George Carter-Evans - Father
  • - Taylor Carter-Evans - Older Brother
  • - Mark Carter-Evans - Younger Brother
  • Trivia