Pronunciation: Kah-RAA-ten-mon

Name origin: Japanese. Kara is short for karasu, which means crow. Ten is short for Tengu.

Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Type: Demon Man

Stage: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Height: 7'2"


Karatenmon is a freedom fighter who leads a small group of resistance members. After the mysterious disappearance of his brother, a scholar in the hidden workings of the digital world, Karatenmon has sworn to keep his group safe from the Fire Kingdom's purge.

While he has a great respect for the task that has been given to the tamers, he has a bitter streak and is very unforgiving of failure. He follows very cold logic; namely, if you can't make any progress, you lose your rights to help. You reap what you sow, and when you fail, you receive nothing. However, despite his slight misgivings, he is loyal to those who need it, kind and caring to his group and is a powerful warrior to boot.



Karatenmon is a follower of the great Tengu Digimon, and his face is the epitome of a crow. The two swords that Karatenmon possesses are called the "Irataka", and contain strong magical powers. As a wandering warrior, he has been taught by many masters and gained arcane abilities.

This Digimon is part of the official Digimon franchise. Profile information from DMA and Digimon Wikia