Pronunciation: KAN-koh-mon

Name origin: Kanko, or pipe fox, from Japanese mythology

Family: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters

Type: Artefact

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Data

Height: 2'9"


Kankomon are small, naturally curious little creatures who love to play with others, although they have a sick penchant for tormenting them and enjoy causing pain. While they lack individual intelligence, they form part of a hive-mind within Inarimon, and so see themselves as her children and will do anything to protect her.


Kankomon have no attacks or special abilities, and they cannot hold a physical form, instead relying on a host body. With Inarimon's help, they link to a host using a rod brush artefact, to which they are always attached. Once connected, they can form a physical version of themselves, or disguise themselves as the host, although without external help their camouflage is betrayed by the presence of their mask-like face patterns, among other details. The longer they remain connected to a host, the more they drain them of life, and they can carry on using the body for several years even after the host has technically passed on.