Pronunciation: Ee-NAH-ree-mon

Name origin: Inari Okami, Japanese kami (figures worshipped in Shinto) of foxes, fertility and prosperity, among other things.

Family: Nature Spirits, Virus Busters

Type: Vessel

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 4'10"


On the surface Inarimon seems happy and playful, and that's partially true to her personality. She adores creating and sculpting everything around her to her whim, and sees herself as an artist, constantly looking for the next big work.

However, Inarimon is an extremely dangerous individual, with no regard for morals or life, with the exception of the Kankomon who she dotes after constantly. She's selfish and a massive egotist, and has no problem in claiming things, or people, for herself. After all, her work is so spectacular that she's earned whatever she wants.



Inarimon is an oddity in the Digital World; she holds many spirits of Kankomon within her, which she can implant in other creatures by use of the rod brushes around her body. She lacks physical power or any fighting prowess, relying on her children to fight for her; if required, she can provide them with her own life force to give them physical form for attack and protection purposes.