Pronunciation: KROW-mon

Name origin: Chromium, shiny chemical element often used to plate metals for decoration and corrosion resistance.

Family: Metal Empire

Type: Dinosaur

Stage: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 3'4"


Quiet and contemplative, Chromon is very much a listener. He's a kindly soul and very willing to help others, although he does get irritated rather easily. Even so he'd never insult anyone to their face and keeps his feelings very much to himself.

While he's a great Digimon to be around and strives to be helpful, he's often clumsy (even more so with his bulk body) and not the most mentally agile of the group. He also suffers from a weak will, and has been known to break down in the most crucial of moments.



Chromon is bulky and muscular even without his armour plating, giving him high stamina and momentum in battle. The ball on the end of his tail is solid blue Digizoid; light enough to wield, yet strong and difficult to dent. He uses it to great effect to smash barriers and even parts of his opponents.