Pronunciation: CHEEF-tree-AHS-kiss-mon

Name origin: Chief, Triakis semifasciata (Latin name for Leopard Shark)

Family: Deep Savers, Nature Spirits

Type: Leopard Shark

Stage: Ultimate

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 13'7"


Chieftriaskismon is a warrior through and through; he seeks the adrenaline of battle and constantly strives to achieve more. He has a prideful spirit and a massive ego, but he also has a fiery temper that can cloud his judgement. Despite his ego he does hold respect for his allies and minions (provided they impress him), and has a soft spot for younger Digimon, finding them to be calming.

Chieftriaskismon is a firm believer in skill over luck. He feels that one's position in life is entirely due to their own strength and will; the strong choose to be strong and the weak choose to be weak. Obviously he sees his own strength as paramount and will do whatever it takes to retain a position of power, even playing dirty in the midst of battle. His actions, whether heroic or depraved, are all perfectly justified (of course), since he deserves everything he achieves. The aims justify the means after all, and no matter how far he goes, he will always see himself as the hero.



The orbs adorning his body are used to absorb and store water from his surroundings, allowing him to use them for his attacks and abilities. He can manipulate it up to a limited range, otuside of which it will revert to regular water. His battle style is very full-on and aggressive, using his great power to overwhelm his enemies.