Pronunciation: Seh-REE-bruh-mon

Name origin: Cerebrum, largest part of the brain.

Family: Unknown

Type: Perception

Stage: Ultimate

Attribute: Free

Height: 10'4"


A master of the mind with a devious streak; Cerebrumon is incredibly difficult to judge. He has an elusive nature and only appears if he has an agenda, and his silver tongue combined with his mysterious aura and hidden power can make him a powerful ally or a deadly enemy. It just depends on the situation.



Cerebrumon's body is an oddity; not totally physical yet not totally ethereal either. By concentrating he can phase through solid objects or allow them to phase through him, but he can still interact with the world and feel pain like everyone else. The crystal ball on his cane helps to enhance his mental abilities, along with some other useful powers he's picked up along the road.