Pronunciation: BAH-bah-mon

Name origin: Japanese. Baba means old woman.

Family: Unknown, Virus Busters

Type: Ancient

Stage: Mega

Attribute: Vaccine

Height: 3'2"


Babamon is one of several Digimon who run the logistics of Silicon City; she's a figure of high authority, but she doesn't abuse her power and works very closely with the Homemade Army to keep the city safe.

While she can be grumpy at times, she has a kindly spirit and is willing to trust in others. Despite her high position she has a rather laid-back attitude, and occasionally treats the ongoing war more like an annoyance than a true threat. Nonetheless, she puts her heart into her job, even if her frail body can't always keep up.



She is said to be a Rosemon that has aged with modesty (note the Tifaret around her neck), while others say that a spell was cast on her which cursed her from her original form as a Rosemon.

This Digimon is part of the official Digimon franchise. Profile information from DMA and Digimon Wikia