Full Name: Aaron Thompson

Age: 15

Hair: Sandy

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8"

D-Nexus: Yellow and Steel

Partner: Velocimon

Element: Electricity


At first glance, Aaron seems like a pretty normal guy. He’s sociable, easy-going and both smart and athletic, but he’s never one to flaunt his talents, being very passive by nature. He much prefers to listen to others around him than act on his own instincts, which can lead to him doubting his true ability to be an effective leader of the group.

While his heart is in the right place, Aaron finds himself struggling when faced with the big decisions for the group’s survival. He is far from impulsive and tries his hardest to find the best option, but his drive to win and sense of personal responsibility can sometimes lead him to making the wrong decision; one that can endanger himself. He can also be pretty stubborn if he fixes on a solution, constantly trying to force himself to get better.

Generally Aaron is not argumentative, but he often finds himself disagreeing with Velocimon’s harsh survivalist views. He does respect his partner greatly though, and understands the difficulty of the situation at hand. Aware that he’s not perfect himself, he’s quick to forgive others and quick to admit his own mistakes (once he realises he made the wrong choice). The only things that really anger him are selfish acts that endanger the group, and if he does lose his temper, he can blurt out some pretty harsh things. Usually though, Aaron is the eternal optimist, who constantly tries his best to lead the group safely back home.


  • - Harry Thompson - Father
  • - Jackie Thompson - Mother
  • - Jasmine Thompson - Older Sister
  • Trivia